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Product introduction (parts for the machine tool)

A customer gives high trust to the product which concentrated our techniques. tan* Gauge, exclusive Tool for measurement, Jig
Please consult about a thing of this to us.

Characteristic of our product

Iron, stainless steel aluminum and the processing of various materials are possible.
Production amount
It is supported widely by multi-kind small lot (nothing).
Short deadline
I realize ka with a view of the spot, and it is supported on a short deadline by the introduction of the process control system.

Product introduction

■Three stitches-type Measuring instrument

■Ball screw nut P.C.D. Measuring instrument

■Ball screw shaft lead measuring machine

■Three points of ball standard stands

■Pitch gauge

■Hole base collecting Measuring instrument

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TEL. 0561-72-3111
FAX. 0561-72-3115
■Of the grinder imitate; a device
■Design production of the chikogu Gauge
■Precisely exclusive measuring machine Design production
■Other various precise measurement apparatuses